Monday, July 28, 2008

All together again

Last night I got the call.....2 calls actually. One from my biggest boy, FirstBorn, who told me he was coming home from a weekend with my parents. He left on Friday in a little bit of a huff on both sides, so I was looking forward to hugging his neck and telling him I was sorry for being a hormone-imbalanced mother. I probably wouldn't have told him about the hormone part. He's only 14, and that comment alone would cause years of therapy. On top of the ones we've probably already created because he is after all the first-born.
The second call came right after the first. From my middle son. Now, this particular boy has been away at the other grandparents for 11 days. We saw him on day 2 of Nature Boy Vacation Dreams are made of Sabbatical but have only had very short phone calls since then. I was a little leery when I heard his gruff (love that voice) voice tell me he was coming home the next morning because it didn't fulfill his 2 week quota. I asked with much trepidation if he was ready to come home and he...said...yes. Shew.
So, this morning, BRIGHT AND EARLY, our family unit of 6 was back together. It just felt so right. So peaceful. So very good.
They both had stories to tell, pictures for proof, goodies to share and memories made. It was good for both of them to be the "only" if even for a short weekend.
But now my van will be super packed as we head to the gym, the grocery, the pool, and most especially at the dinner table. All 6 spots will be filled. Ahhh.
Now, tomorrow if there is a hormone-induced post about needing a vacation, redecorating the house, and buying something in a impulse moment that bottomed out our savings, please do not judge.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Backyard Fun

Kip is in the middle of a backyard patio project. So, I got a little pool the other day so Tatumn could play in while the boys helped their daddy. And I supervised. Well, as you can see Tucker is still a little guy and his pride is not affected by a kiddie-blow-up-pool.
They splashed the whole afternoon!
Gotta Love summer days!
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The Cubs Cheerleaders

Maddy, Delaney, Ainsley, Hannah, and Tatumn Hope! (Missing from the picture is Virginia!) They cheered for their brothers with all of their hearts!I just love these girls!
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Hannah and Tate

This is Hannah. She is the coach's daughter. She is the youngest daughter with 5 older brothers. She is probably the neatest kid I have ever met! She took to Tatumn like a devoted Big Sister this ball season. She would love on, play with, share snacks, and cuddle Tatumn every game. Tatumn loves this friend soo much.
Hannah said during the last game. If we would have won, we would have played again. Same team. (For the LOVE.....) But we lost (read next post, it was okay) but Hannah told me "I don't want the season to be over because Tatumn will grow up to much by next season. I don't want her to change."
So, I promised this sweet little girl a play date before summer is over and promised to take Tatumn to some fall practices, so they can still be bffs.
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Finishing Strong

Tanner's baseball season is now finished. Finally. Did I just say that OUTLOUD? Now, don't get me wrong. I love watching, supporting, cheering my kids on in sports. But with all the rain out games, this season lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r.
It couldn't have ended on a better game. Tanner knocked in the tying run! Yippee. He actually had a hitting lesson that afternoon because he was struggling with his bat. So, when he got up with one run down, a man in scoring position, and 2 outs, my heart was beating so fast and my nerves were fried! But he hit him in! The team lost in extra innings but they played their hearts out and played with integrity! Seriously, what more could you ask for?
Our family motto is "Finish Strong". God spoke it into my heart one crazy afternoon when I was battling the enemy over my children (2 big boys) and I felt the still, small voice of the Lord ask me "can you finish strong?" Immediately, I said "yes, Father." Came home and told the boys "to stop packing for military school, I overreacted!" Oh, I kid! (kinda) But we had a family meeting and surrendered to God's leading. We have been a better family unit since. All to the Glory of God. Tonight in kick-boxing, Libby( our fearless, high-kicking, strong-as-an-ox teacher) encouraged us to "finish strong" so I kicked harder and punched faster because my kids have had to do it in tough times so I better, too.
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Meet the Newest Member of our Family!

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No name yet

Our middle son is spending some time with the grandparents. Each boy takes a turn, and this is his turn. We will not name the puppy until all family members get a vote. It's only fair. We do feel a little guilty...........but puppy breath and kisses have helped! :)
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I hope no one was offended by my "tease". I was only trying to be silly. We are excited about this poofy-furball of a puppy. Although I do think we will be adopting again from China, this is all this family can handle right now. Thank you for your sweet comments, girls! I hope we can still be friends!
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Monday, July 21, 2008

I have an announcement to make.......

We are adopting again......

Check back tomorrow.........

Friday, July 11, 2008


Tucker and I were playing a freindly game of Uno the other night and Tatumn was playing her version right beside us. It was turning into a heated game when I forgot to say "Uno" when I laid down my second-to-the-last-card. Tucker caught me, he's VERY GOOD,so I had to draw 2 cards. Well the game continued on....and on.....and on....
And then Tatumn laid down a card and proudly proclaimed "Nemo!"
She won.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

East and West

Clara came to meet Tatumn at the airport. Such a devoted friend. The girls have been great friends ever since. They couldn't look more different, though. SO, I have dubbed them East and West. Tatumn gets really brown in Summer and Clara stays fair skinned. Tate's cocoa brown hair is short and barely there and Clara blond curly locks are everywhere! They both love to play babies and in the kitchen! They have squeals that sound like fireworks!
Clara and her mommy and daddy ( and baby Madeline) are our neighbors. We met them one day while they were on a walk and were so excited to tell us they were expecting their first baby. We were in the process of adopting Tatumn and made plans for the girls to be friends. We had no idea how close in age the girls would be. Because China slowed down with referrals Tatumn and Clara are only 4 months apart.
One day, Terri (the momma) and I went on own of our many walks and I was pouring my heart out to her about a deep wounding that had come that week. I was explaining to her the importance of this particular woman in my life who was walking me through it. This lady is like my spiritual mama. She loves me deeply, speaks the truth in love to me, encourages and challenges me to grow in Christ. Her husband is the same to Kip. They also go hunting. Deep. As I was telling her about what Bob and Libby represent in our lives she stopped me and said "that is how we feel about you and Kip." I remember at that moment realizing we were the official "older" couple. And that this relationship was very important to the Lord.
The other day I got to go to a very rare girls lunch date. My sweet friends Wendy and Melissa invited me to a very chic' Tea Room and Terri babysat Tatumn for me. The boys decided to go too. Because they have the NEW Guitar Hero! Remember they are a younger, hipper, cooler couple. With a HUGE FLAT SCREEN TV. (Our boys are neglected. Pray for them)
So here are East and West playing their hearts out! I love the pic of them by the window. (waiting for me.......I was late. Who could blame me?! Lunch was fabulous. The fellowship truly blessed this weary mom's spirit! And bless Wendy's heart she paid for ALL of it! Kisses!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

East and West

I cannot believe how much the girls have changed! Love that baby picture! If you would like to know more of Tatumn's story please go to then click on Adoption Stories, and click on Journey to Tatumn Hope. Please let me know if you visited that site.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Our 4th of July was filled with the people we love most, swimming, lots of food, and fireworks.

The Massey family came over for our 2nd annual 4th of July brunch. Love those people with my whole heart. We have walked through so many seasons of life together, the good and the bad, the pretty ones and the ones not-so-pretty ones. We endured a 30 hour plane ride to China, climbed the Great Wall and survived. We have celebrated and lamented together. Laughed and cried. Prayed and interceded. This group of 6 is more family than friend. We absolutely love them.

We then headed down South to Kips parents house. The kids swam and played until their strength was zapped. Only to find renewal when it was time to set things on fire. My bigger boys could be pyro's And the littlest boy one sticks around until he gets burned and then the fun is ruined. Bless his heart.

Tatumn and Lexi (niece) had a blast playing in the girl pool. They poured and splashed their hearts out. I would love to share pictures but I forgot my camera. Even though it was sitting out with a sticky note saying "Do Not Forget!" As soon as I get pictures from my s-i-l I will post them!

Our family of 6 had a great weekend! We hope you did too!
The picture is of Tatumn and her very best friend Myer. To know more about Myer's story, check out and then click on Myer.