Monday, February 23, 2009

We are all good.....

thanks for checking.

I know it's been a looooong time since I posted.

You know I have found out that life sometimes goes by in fast forward.

We've had one of those times. Again.

Everyone is doing good here at Crawford Casa.

Praise the Lord.

The firstborn is doing good. The middle one is ...I have a funny story on him. Later. The little man is good, as always. And the princess is the princess. A twirling delight!

We celebrated Valentines Day with a Fondue Dinner. Get it Fond of You. We had a blast! The big boys still love it and I asked when they had girlfriends if they would bring their girlfriends here for Valentines Day. And they said "yes". I then pulled out a contract, pricked their fingers for a tiny bit of blood, and they signed a covenant! Quick and Painless.

On Saturday, we hosted a dinner party here for my Bible Study girls. I love these girls with my whole heart and I am so thankful for their willingness to serve the body with their gifts and talents. Our Wednesday morning Bible Study is not your average meet-in-the-living room-kind-of- group. We have a worship team, lights and video, and a support team. So, on Saturday we invited the girls and their husbands to come and break bread with us. We had such a good time!

I have had such a full schedule lately that it has been hard to juggle. I am trying to discern if I am doing a lot of little things okay or if I am doing a couple good things for God. Trying to discern if what I feel at night is typical mommy guilt or is the enemy trying to manipulate my thoughts. More often than not, I have a running dialogue with the Lord that asks Him to reveal to me His truth but also in forgiveness for being afraid to walk by faith. There is a heaviness there that I cannot shake. An anticipation that is palpable. A burden heavy. A joy immeasurable. A nagging guilt. Humbled by His invitation.

A Belief that grows daily through all of this.