Monday, December 8, 2008

Give Thanks!


Thank you for the gift of parenting these children!

I am thankful that Taylor has really matured this year! Thankful we made it out of 8th grade. Thankful for his tender heart and helpful hands!

I am thankful for Tanner's quirky personality. Thankful that he feels conviction. So very thankful that he makes us laugh. Laughter is good.

I am so thankful for Tucker Chase. Thankful for how he loves me. Thankful for the little brother he is and also the big brother he is to Tatumn. Thankful that his hands still look like a little boys.

I am thankful for Tatumn Hope. Thankful that God to chose to grow our family through adoption. Thankful that it's picture of Him adoptiong us. Thankful for twirly skirts. Lipgloss kisses. Pink nightgowns. Princess dreams.
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Remember me?

Okay, it's been a while since my last post. A lot has happened since then. It's not like our house is nice and orderly and quiet. Not in the least. It's just that so much activity has swirled around that it has left me breathless, weary, busy, and too overwhelmed to blog!

Plus..Kip left his computer home this morning! Yeah me!

*Little Isaiah went to his eternal home right after I posted my last blog. Please pray for Mary and Matt. They are some of the neatest parents I know! Wise beyond their years. Stronger than anyone else I know.

*Tatumn got her ears pierced! Actually that happened in October but I haven't blogged about it yet!

*Tatumn will be a twirling snowflake in the Christmas recital next week. I'm not sure if she will really twirl or not during the recital because she gets so shy in front of a crowd. But at home we have seen her twirl and shake her hiney like a champ!

*Our Wednesday morning Bible Study group is in the middle of the Believing God study by Beth Moore. God has taken us up on our sincere cry to Believe Him more. We have witnessed an outpouring of the Spirit, a renewed present active participle Faith,and fresh revelation.

*I am trying to put together a Christmas Card for the first time since we adopted Tatumn Hope. We laughed so hard yesterday trying to get a picture. Let's just say I found a new level of bribery. Oh! The kind of parents the boys may grow up to be......

*At our (outdoor) mall, there are pictures with a Snow Princess instead of pics with the man in red. We loaded up the children with the great anticipation of Tatumn visiting with a princess. Only to find out the Princesses went home the day before to make room for the man in red. How do you explain that to a 3 year old? And do you think we got her to sit by the jolly red elf? Not so much.

*So, Tatumn now knows how to say ORLANDO. Because that is where I told her the REAL Princesses live.

*I am hoping we get to go to ORLANDO soon.

*Taylor, firstborn, won 3 out of 5 matches in his first JV wrestling tournament Saturday! We are so proud of him!

*Kip and I got to sneak away for the night on Friday! We stayed at a great hotel downtown and got to enjoy some quality time. I love my man!

*I love him even more for loving me after I momentarily lost my mind (and almost my witness!) on Thursday night.

*I took my big boys to a play called Tribulation Christmas last night. I was thrilled to just hang out with them and to talk about their salvation and walk with the Lord. I love those 2 big boys so much. Being a mom to teenagers is a challenge but so exciting too. I got to hug on both of them all night long. They held my arm and walked me to the church like gentlemen.Most of the time they are on the fringes because of the little two. But last night was all about them. It was good.

*I will post soon with pictures and bloopers that will not make the Christmas card!