Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How you know that your son is turning into a teenager.....

It could be the attitude change.

But it wasn't today.

It could be that he has outgrown all of his clothes.

Again, not the clue I got.

The voice changing/cracking.


Did I mention the attitude?

Nada. He was actually very sweet today.

It was the quick scene that could have passed by without notice. But I did notice. I am very thankful that the Lord allowed me this quick glimpse. It made the horrible mood change from yesterday almost bearable. Although there are still pieces of my heart laid about my house that need picking up.

The scene played out like this...

We were making a quick trip to Hy-Vee for something to grill for dinner. The weather here has been totally spring-like. Glory. We were driving down the road and up in the distance there were three girls walking along the side of the road. I could tell they were middle-school age. From the back they looked like normal girls. Not a hoochie in the bunch.

Here is the deal, I only saw them from the back.

However, Tanner craned his neck as far as he could when we drove by to get a look at their faces. When he turned back around I could tell that he wasn't interested in any one of them.

I just took the sight in. I didn't make a comment at all. A little part of me had to let go at that moment. Let him be a teenager. I knew I needed to offer a little more grace for the attitude. Have I mentioned lately how horrible it can get?

As we left Hy-Vee ,though, he did jump on the quarter-for-a-ride-horse and rode like a cowboy....without his sister. All by himself. Oh, the sight makes me laugh out loud. He is truly stuck between little boy and wanna-be teenager.

May God find favor with my desire to keep putting one foot in front of the other......and not turning around and running the other way.

*Congrats Adrienne. E-mail me when you get a moment! I can't wait to hear about this precious little girl!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I know, I know...... Hold your appluase until after the post

I'm back.
Did you miss me? If not would you please act like you did; you know to save my feelings from being hurt on my first day back.
My 40 plus day sabbatical was for a fast that I felt like God put on my heart.
To focus on Him.
And you know what I found out?
This computer thing takes up a lot of personal time in my day. From checking e-mail, catching with my "friends" via blogs, I can literally waste half my day.
That left me a lot of time to focus on Him.
It was good.
Really good.

Just a few things to catch you up on....

*Teenage boys are TOUGH to parent. You can't let your guard done EVER.
*Toddler girls gets sassy.
*Third born boys are the sweetest.
*If you are the only Caucasian in a nail salon, a complete stranger will think your daughter belongs to the nail tech.
*16th anniversary gifts are a delight!
*My wedding finger is sporting some serious bling!
*My kitchen is a brighter shade of yellow.
*Beth Moore's Esther study has blessed my heart. Every day.
*My computer is on the fritz....again.
*My sister still has not planned her wedding.
*Though she wants to get married in JUNE.
*Summer is coming..... although we still need our heater on!
*If I really had a choice I would drink coffee with cream over green tea.
* My new favorite store is Sephora.

I will catch you on in more detail later.