Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's a cross between a Chinese Grandmother and A Southern Belle

Tatumn's little voice is so cute. She has a little drawl in her voice but can also annunciate words sounding like an 80 year old Chinese grandmother.
Here are a few of the things that she says.....

Yeah, Sure
I'm Hunry (Hungry)
I'm Tiword(Tired)
MAC aroni
I like New Shoes
That is Beautiful
I want a grilled cheese (this is really funny on Monday mornings when I drive through McDs for my non-fat Vanilla Latte) (McD's doesn't have grilled cheese)
God loves you very much
Say "yes Ma'am" (this is spoken very sternly to her stuffed dog)
Not today.Maybe tomorrow. (this is her answer when her daddy asks her to sleep in her bed!)
I will do it.
It's mine, not yours.
Oameal(Oatmeal. Which used to be her favorite breakfast meal until she tried the nutritious breakfast staple, cold cereal! Now that is her favorite!)
I'm Awake! (First things she says as soon as my eyes start to flutter!)
Hunan, China. (Her answer when we ask her where she was born)
I have shree boys (her brothers)

Okay, I am sorry for not updating before now. I promise I have lots of goodies to share. Our computer is dying. It's in the ICU, slowly dying. SO I cannot upload pictures. I promise to work harder on it.
Taylor, our oldest, qualified for State Wrestling. We are really proud of him.
Tanner has started baseball. Tucker is doing a good job of being Tucker. her is s good kid and goes with the crazy flow that we call life. Tatumn is still not sleeping in her pink room! We have promised her everything under the sun if she would.
Kip and I have our passports ready to use! Guess where we are going?!?!?!?!
Check back for the answer and pictures!