Saturday, May 9, 2009

I wonder....

is she left-handed?

is she the silly one in the family?

is her hair fine and smooth?

does her eyes sparkle when she laughs?

is her giggle loud?

if her favorite color is pink?

does she have a sweet tooth?

does she love to look at the moon?

does she miss her?

does she think about her?

what she wonders about.

Today an Asian woman has captivated my thoughts. A woman I have not met but would give anything for a brief encounter with this side of Heaven. Does her heart ache when she thinks about her sacrifice? Or has the culture dulled her pain because it's become the norm. Has she ever tried to find out about her?

Tatumn has grown so much this past year. She has become an independent little sassy lady. She loves to be silly and dance around. Her giggle is truly infectious. There is a sparkle in her little almond eyes that I am almost sure she had to get from her birth mother. She loves to look at the moon and will ask if that is the same moon in China. Maybe that special woman looks at the same moon. I hope she does.

Today is Birth Mother Day. Not something that Hallmark is capitalizing on but a special day for us. I may not ever be able to thank her personally but my heart overflows in gratitude because of her. Because of her, I get to be Tatumn's mommy. In her words "My very best girl."